Tuesday, December 1, 2015

On the Run


     Jason backed into one of the boxes hard, receiving a good poke in the kidneys. He stood involuntarily erect with pain, and stifled a cry of protest and curses.
     “Jason, I’m scared,” Cora whimpered. “I want to get out of here.” She saw Jason respond with an increasing nervousness. He looked like he would rather be doing anything else.
     “I’m still working on it. It’s not going as quickly as you would like.” Cora heard the man in the lab coat protest.
     “Mr. Evans wants something done now. If you don’t produce, he gets upset. When he gets upset, I get angry. I like being angry, but you won’t like it at all.”
     Cora’s jaw dropped open as the men continued to argue. She looked to Jason for clarification, but his wide-eyed stare  showed nothing but horror.
     They backed away from the doors, but the men’s loud shouting continued. Cora reached for Jason’s hand. At that same moment, Lab Coat backed hard into the doors. He turned away from his tormentor, left cheek pressed against the Plexiglas.
     “Wait,” they heard Lab Coat beg as he motioned and repositioned himself to better look through the window. They saw him bring both hands over his eyes to reduce the glare of light reflecting off the glass. “I think I just saw something in there.”
     Jason and Cora remained still and quiet.
     “Let’s get out of here,” Jason begged. “It’s really time to go.”
     Cora’s senses screamed for them to move, to do something, anything. Her heart pounded at the sight of the face leering through the window, lingering and searching. White skin, neatly cropped black hair, on a square and glasses- framed face was one she may have seen before. Though Lab Coat looked a little familiar, she definitely recognized Business Suit.
     “Get out of the way,” they heard the other bark as he plowed through the doors. The right door banged loudly off one of the boxes in the storage area, then swung lazily back to the closed position on hissing gas hinges. Mr. Suit stood still, waiting for his eyes to adjust to the dark as he breathed loudly with excitement.
     “Run!” Jason screamed.
     Cora followed swiftly, her hand in his. She let him lead her toward the light shining from the other side of an exit door.          They ran with the illusion of the distance growing instead of closing.

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